Learning From Each Other

1. The inside circle partners are the A group; the outside partners are the B group.

2. You will give a prompt and each partner will have one minute to respond. Partner A will begin. Then, at the minute announcement, partner B will have one minute to restate to Partner A what they shared. Then, at your indication, Partner B will answer the same question. When a minute has passed, Partner A will reiterate Partner B’s responses.

3. After both partners have responded and restated, have outer circle participants take one-step to the right and repeat the activity with a new partner and prompt. Continue with one-minute increments and switching partners until the activity or time limitation is complete.

Try one or both of these activities next time you’re looking to infuse your orientation sessions or meetings with energy and interaction.

Beth Morrow is a middle school teacher and summer camp program director who enjoys getting her students and staffs interacting because we all learn best from each other, not from a lecture. Reach her at beth@bethmorrow.com

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