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“We know this will grow into a larger use of our site but right now, with it still in its early stages, we’re only utilizing a small portion of what’s available,” she admits.

“And those activities don’t offer the interaction with our neighbors we were hoping for. The health center offers the best potential of being a part of and serving more people in our community.”

Help Your Neighbors

And it is the serving part that means the most to Teas.

“We are a Christian camp and because of who we are and who our campers are, we believe it is important that everyone understand they are uniquely created by God to live a life of ability,” she explains.

“For our campers, that means understanding if they want to climb a rock wall–even if they don’t have use of their arms or legs–they are able to do that. Through our adaptive activities, we allow them to be participants, not observers, in the world around them.

“We want to transfer those principles to our community, to be the good neighbors Christ asked us to be. So, in our segment of society, if that means helping someone who struggles to meet the financial needs of their family understand they are able to access quality healthcare, then offering our facility to make that possible is the way we live out what we practice with our campers, the way we serve our community.”

Teas continued to search for someone in the medical community to put boots on the ground for these ideas. And she found a partner in an unexpected place.

Unbeknownst to Teas, a local church had been trying for some time to organize a community health clinic in order to be more responsive in reaching out and serving others. Now that group is working with Teas to find the best ways to make this possible through using Lauren’s WellHouse.

“I believe we’ll soon be able to see this vision realized,” she says.

And she emphasized the importance of creating a community with the camp, and of not giving up on seeing the vision realized, even in ways one may not expect.

Donna Robertson lives in Springfield, Mo., and is the storyteller for Camp Barnabas. In her role, she ensures that the story of Camp Barnabas is told efficiently and effectively through all communication opportunities. For more information, visit www.campbarnabas.org.

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