It’s More Than Just Words On A Shirt

From a practical standpoint, team shirts provide campers with an easy way to locate friends in a large-group setting, and serve as a quick solution for counselors keeping track of “their” kids.


For camps with scheduled trips and outings, customized T-shirts can serve as an excellent safety mechanism.  Outfitting campers in brightly colored shirts makes it easier for counselors to supervise their group and quickly locate any wanderers.

A T-shirt makes a great camp souvenir! Photo courtesy of CustomInk

If a camper were to become separated from his or her group, or be in any type of danger, T-shirts make it easier for outsiders or authorities to identify the child’s affiliation and connect with camp administrators as quickly as possible.

Cherished Mementos

After camp concludes, the campers’ T-shirts will be a warm reminder of wonderful memories, new accomplishments, and shared friendships.

It’s also not unheard of for people to make new friends simply because they recognize a T-shirt. They may not have been campers at the same time, but years later, wearing that T-shirt can trigger a heartfelt exchange about shared experiences.

Resources For Customizing T-Shirts

Remember when customizing meant sitting down with a plain white tee and some puffy paint? All it takes now is a few clicks of the mouse.

The tedious process of finding a screen printer, negotiating price and delivery time, and fooling with complicated design files is a thing of the past. Now, T-shirts can be designed and ordered online with free access to hundreds of fonts and art libraries.

Colors, fonts, and artwork can be mixed and matched until the design is just right. Shirts can be customized with camp pictures and personalized logos. With the right partner, the human touch–designers and customer-service reps on-call, ready to assist–is not lost.

Campers, Unite!

As plans are finalized and supplies are ordered for next season, keep in mind the power that T-shirts have to unite people, especially campers. Camp creates memories that last a lifetime, memories they’ll recall every time they pull on that T-shirt.

Kimberley Haver is the Vice President of Merchandising for CustomInk (, a design online custom T-shirt company.


T-Shirt Ideas For Campers

When it comes to creating custom T-shirts for camp, the sky is the limit! Here are a few suggestions:

Welcome T-shirts: Send them ahead of time to registered campers to wear on move-in day, or hand them out when campers arrive.

Bunk, team, age, or other sub-group shirts: Let counselors or coaches get creative and design shirts before camp season begins, or differentiate the same camp design with a variety of colors or styles.

T-shirts for competitions or events: Commemorate and add to the excitement of special events (talent show, swimming contest, field day).

T-shirts as awards: Use custom tees as prizes for superlatives or other special recognition for individuals and groups.

T-shirts as an art project: Online design labs allow anyone to try his or her hand at creating a design. With a guaranteed delivery date from a T-shirt provider, campers can have those finished shirts by the end of the camp session.

A T-shirt signing party: Fabric markers and custom tees allow campers to collect signatures from friends and counselors to further personalize their keepsake tee.


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