It’s More Than Just Words On A Shirt

It’s the first day of camp: SUVs and minivans are pulling onto the grounds, and parents are hastily unloading children and luggage.

Matching camp T-shirts let kids know they’re all in this together! Photo courtesy of CustomInk

While some campers are excited to return and visit with old pals, others are more hesitant about spending an entire week, or more, away from the comforts of home and familiar faces.

This extended time with “strangers” can be scary for a child–especially a first-year camper.

As a camp director, counselor, or staff member, you know this often leads to late-night tears and phone calls home, and sometimes, an early departure from camp.

So, how can you help these kids adjust quickly to camp life and immediately feel comfortable in a new group? Try the power of a custom T-shirt on for size!

The Power Of The T-Shirt

Remember that old T-shirt in the back of the closet, the one that just can’t be thrown away? It may not even be worn anymore, but it holds a memory.

Although you’ve probably never given it much thought, there is something special about the power of a T-shirt. 

Custom T-shirts have the power to unite peoplethey transform a ragtag group of players into a uniformed team, elevate a simple gathering to an event, and make a special moment, well…more momentous.

A customized T-shirt helps people bond together, regardless of their differences. It makes them feel part of something.

For staff members, camp counselors, and directors, wearing T-shirts may represent and denote responsibility at the camp. Your shirt signifies team leadership, whether you’re someone who answers questions, assists with problems, lends an ear, or offers a friendly, reassuring smile.

Different shirts for different groups promotes cabin bonding. Photo courtesy of CustomInk

Not only does your shirt help campers recognize you as someone they can turn to, but it also creates a sense of coworker unity. The T-shirt communicates a message–we’re all in this together.

If shirts can do that for camp staff, imagine what they can do for campers.

The Benefits Of Custom T-Shirts For Campers

A Sense of Belonging

Camp can be intimidating–new people, unfamiliar surroundings, and newfound challenges to tackle. Providing campers with T-shirts on arrival day says, “You’re in the right place; you belong here; we’re happy to have you; and these other campers are a lot like you.”

And, the shirts serve as a reminder to parents to take a deep breath and relax–their kids are in good hands and among soon-to-be friends.

Team Building

As campers begin to settle in and learn their surroundings, the T-shirts also serve as a way to connect with others.

Depending on how the camp is run, consider custom shirts for smaller groups, such as specific age groups, bunks, or sports. This is a great way for small-unit campers to identify commonalities and develop a sense of pride.

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