Invest In Others By Investing In Ourselves

I have been working in the summer camp and youth-development world since 1990; I got my first internship at a small church working with teenagers when I was in college. At that point, I didn’t know where my career would take me, but over the course of the past 20 years, I spent my life working directly with children age 5 to 16 in youth programs and summer camps. In the last eight years, my focus and passion have been …


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4 comments on “Invest In Others By Investing In Ourselves

  1. Michelle on said:

    I like your article. I am in the same boat currently and am interested in learning more about how to see the big picture and ensure program quality and staff development. I am attending the Southern CAL ACA conference next week and will remember this article.

  2. michael cardus on said:

    You are right and seeking out opportunities for professional growth and development are a requisite part of your development. Within the camp and outdoor industry we fall into a “model worship” of our insular programming. As professionals we need to follow our own creed of challenge-of-choice and find/hire people who are smarter more competent in other areas and determine how we can transfer this learning into our existing programs. For example there are many great leadership training and development coaches and programs out there. And often time camp people do attend these trainings becuase they are not camp focused. Only attending things that are camp focused only teaches you what you already know. My recommendation is to find a leadership coach who can challenge your intellect and knowledge, serving you in flourishing into achieving your role. Invest in you and create a clear connection with your boss that this will make the team and you better.

  3. Drew C David on said:

    It sounds like many camp conferences deal with Methods rather than the Mission. It is by investing in yourself that you have means to focus on this mission – which ultimately gives way to investing in others.

    I have found Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast to be a very helpful resource to further my own goal of investing in myself and others.

  4. dave bell on said:

    thanks so much for the comments. i believe that many camp directors, and leaders in general, get promoted to a level that they have not been prepared for. the leaders that will flourish in the future are those that find the right mentors or coaches who challenge their thinking and push them toward greater understanding of people and processes.

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