Allow some campers to pass, if they cannot think of an answer, but make sure that you come back to those campers. It really should be important that every camper answer the questions so they do not feel left out and so that the rest of the group has a chance to get to know them.

Since respect is a pillar at many camps, make sure that respect is given to each member of the group. It is a good camp lesson for the campers to learn right away and it’s a good life lesson. And last but not least, laughing always helps break the ice!

Usually with campers and children, silly games and activities seem to break the ice best! Good luck!

Christie Enders worked at Camp Al-Gon-Quian on Burt Lake, Mich., this past summer and at Camp Pendalouan in the summer of 2000. She is a junior at Michigan State University, majoring in community relations.

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