Hunger Games Camp?

The “Hunger Games” books and movie are extremely popular with teens and pre-teens.

Thinking of creating a "Hunger Games" theme at your camp?

So naturally summer camps are thinking about how to incorporate “Hunger Games” themes and activities into their programming.

There is, of course, some concern that the content is too violent. But with some adaptation, you can bring the excitement and pageantry to your camp.

Curt “Moose” Jackson of Summer Camp Program Director has put some thought into a “Hunger Games”-themed camp, and shares his ideas on his blog:

Thanks to "The Hunger Games", archery will be making a summer camp comeback!

Obviously, no one is suggesting that campers battle it out to the death. But there are non-violent ways to earn points and come away with a final winner: crafts, races, and, of course, archery.

A “Hunger Games” camp also opens a door to teaching survival skills, teammwork, and theater and costuming skills.

What do you think?

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