Guest Editor’s Note–Living And Breathing Aquatics


Aquatics—such a broad topic to be discussed in such a short article!  Do we talk about swim lessons, the different lifeguarding certifications out there, general waterfront safety, new boating programs … the list is endless!  

I have been swimming, diving, and boating since I began my life as a camper at the tender age of 5. My first waterfront director will tell you how “adorable” I was in my size 6X bathing suit, wanting to do it all right out of the chute! As a young adult, I did everything I could to become certified in everything out there. I was a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) that—at that time, included lifeguarding—a sailing, canoeing, and rowing instructor, a first-aid and CPR instructor—anything that the Red Cross put out in aquatics, I did it. 

As I got older and became a part of the camp administration, the Red Cross threw out some curve balls to keep me on my toes—separating lifeguarding from WSI, so now I needed two certifications instead of just one; each boating option was rolled in to Small Craft Safety and then eliminated from the national curriculum; and so forth. How does one person keep up with all the changes? 

I was asked to be the guest editor for the aquatics issue because of my extensive aquatics and camping background—but did I know all I needed to impart important information to my colleagues? If I’m missing anything or if you have questions, please be sure to contact me or Camp Business

Happy reading, be safe in, on, and around the water, and have a great summer! 


Kris Ebner Martin


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