Group Games

Magazines are arranged in 3 rows of 3. Someone from the audience comes up and picks out one of the magazines. The mind reader knows which one it is by the way the magazines is pointed to. The pointer is placed on the cover in the location of the chosen magazine, as if each cover was divided into 3 rows of 3. Example: The middle magazine of the middle row was chosen. Each time the leader points and asks if that is the one she points to the middle of the cover of the magazine.

Rainy Day Activities

• Cabin Skits

• Story Telling

• Musical Chairs

• Human Letters

• Balloon Volleyball

• Board Games

• Indoor Camp Fire

• Cabin Family Feud

• Minute Mysteries

• Mud Hike

• Mud Soccer

• Bingo

• Dutch Auction

• Slip and Slide

• Mad Libs

• Decorate Cabin

• Arts and Crafts Projects

• Sock Hockey

Dutch Auction

Kids bring 5-10 items each to lodge. The announcer then asks for different thins and if the cabin group has them they get points. (See following sample list of items.)

Dutch Auction Item List!!

• Crest toothpaste

• Red hair-rubber-band

• Harry Potter book

• Yellow sock

• Flashlight

• Pen

• Stationary

• Map of Camp Kern

• Piece of gum

• Chapstick

• Slipper with a face

• Teddy bear

• Watch with indiglo

• Belt with more than 6 holes in it

• Blue hair brush

• Orange tooth brush

• Bug spray

• Stripped scarf

• Walkman/discman

• Green baseball hat

• Bluest eyes

• Biggest shampoo bottle

• Orange bathing suit

• Smelliest shoe

• Biggest burp

• Sunglasses

• Rubber duck

• 7 of spades from a deck of cards

• Cowboy hat

• Hair dryer

• First person to wiggle their ears

• First person to with a camera to come take a picture with________________

• Person with the muddiest pants

• A flip flop

• Picture of someone from their family

• Pinecone

• Purple braces

• Prescription eyeglasses

• A lanyard with green in it

• Person with the longest hair

• Person with the shortest hair

• Muddiest fingernails

• Towel with a cartoon character on it

• Jump-rope

• Degree deodorant

• Dryer sheet

• Biggest bubblegum bubble

• Leftover food from lunch

• Red shoelace

• Anything camouflaged

• Fossil

• Note from a parent

• Smoke alarm

• A bug

• First group to do a three person pyramid

Group Machines

A group of two or three of the kids decides what kind of machine (household appliance) they would like to be. They act it out and the other campers have to guess what they are.

Minute Mysteries

You present the kids with a situation. Asking yes or no questions, they try to solve the mystery.

Clue: A man pushes his car in front of a hotel and says, “ I’m broke and I’m out.” What Happened?

Answer: He is playing Monopoly.

Clue: I want to go home but the man in the mask won’t let me.

Who is the man in the mask?

Answer: A baseball catcher.

Clue: A body is found in the middle of a field with a ring on his finger. How did he die?

Answer: The ring is a ripcord but the parachute didn’t open.

Clue: The music stopped and the man died. What happened?

Answer: The man was a blind tightrope walker who used the music to signal when he was at the end of his rope. The music finished early and he fell to his death.

Clue: Two men go to visit a female friend. She offers them soft drinks, which they accept. The drinks are identical in everyway. One man dies after drinking his drink but the other one does not. Why did just one-man die?

Answer: There was poison in the ice cubes of both drinks. The surviving man chugged his drink so the ice didn’t get a change to melt and release the poison. The other man sipped his drink and was poisoned.

Clue: A man walks into a bar and asks for a drink of water. Instead of serving the man a drink, the bartender pulls out a gun and shoots it into the air. The man says “Thank You” and walks out. What happened?

Answer: The man has the hiccups and wanted a drink of water to get rid of then. Instead the gunshot scared him he lost the hiccups. So he said “Thank-You” and left.

Clue: A man lives on the 24Th floor of a 24-story apartment building. Each day he leaves for work. When he returns home, he rides the elevator to the 24th floor on rainy days only. On sunny days, he rides to the 12th floor and walks the rest of the way. Why doesn’t he ride the elevator all the way up every day?

Answer: The man is a midget who can only reach up to the twelfth floor button. On rainy days he has his umbrella, which lets him reach the 24th floor buttons.

Clue: Two bodies are lying in a puddle of water and there is broken glass about. How did they die?

Answer: The bodies are those of fish whose tank fell and broke.

Clue: One week after visiting a park a man calls the police to report a murder. What happened?

Answer: The body was undetected until it showed up in some pictures he took which had to be developed.

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