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The secret to many of these games is not playing them too long. 10-20 minutes often being the maximum. If the kids aren’t allowed to play the game until they are tired of it they will look forward to playing it again later. Some games will work better if the group is broken down into several smaller groups.


Materials needed: power stick, a blindfold

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle facing the center. One person is picked to be the great god Moneto, who sits in the middle of the circle. Moneto is blindfolded and the power stick is placed before him/her. Moneto spends all his/her time protecting the stick but occasionally falls asleep (hence the blindfold). With everyone sitting silently the leader now picks a warrior from the circle to try and sneak in and grab the power stick. He/she fails if Moneto detects the presence and points directly at the person. If this happens the person returns to their place in the circle and someone else is chosen to try and steal the power stick. If the person is successful they grab the stick and must yell in Monet’s face to awaken him/her so Moneto can see what has happened. The successful warrior takes Moneto’s place and Moneto finds a place in the circle.

Some variations:

1. Send in several warriors at a time.

2. If a warrior is caught, rather than to return to the circle they sit right where they got caught to become Moneto’s sighted but silent helper. If a subsequent warrior gets close enough that the helper can reach out and touch them (keeping both cheeks on the floor) that warrior then also becomes a helper at that spot.

Hull Gull-a gambling game

Materials needed: kernels of corn or beans

How to play: Each person is given 5 pieces of corn. These will be placed in one hand (the bank hand). The game is played one on one so once it begins there is a general milling about. The game goes as follows: Person One take 0-5 pieces of corn out of the bank hand and places them into the other hand. Holding this closed hand forward Person Two is approached with the phrase “Hull Gull hand full, how many” and Person Two makes a guess. If Person Two guesses correctly they get that number of pieces from Person One.

If Person Two guesses correctly they get that number of pieces from Person One.

If Person Two guesses incorrectly they give Person the difference between the actual amount and their guess. They now reverse roles. Once this is done each person goes off to find a new player.

EXAMPLE: Person One has three pieces of corn in their hand (leaving two in the bank) Person One approaches Person Two and says “Hull Gull hand full, how many”

If Person Two says three, Person Two gets three pieces from Person One.

If Person Two says five, Person Two gives Person One two pieces (5-3=2).

They now reverse roles with Person Two addressing Person One “Hull Gull hand full, how many? Ect.

EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE: 1) If Person One put 0 in their hand, even though they have some in their bank hand, and Person Two guesses 0, Person One must give Person Two half of what they have in their bank hand.

2) If a person’s bank is out of corn, they can still play since their opponent will not know this. If the opponent should happen to guess 0, they would of course get nothing (except mad) since half of 0 is 0.


Materials needed: none

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle. One person is chosen to be in the middle of the circle. Later 2 or 3 people can be chosen; it makes the game much harder. Someone sitting in the circle is chosen as the leader. The leader’s identity is kept secret from the person or people in the middle of the circle. The object of the game is for them to find the leader. The leader starts a motion everyone else must follow such as tapping his or her head. Patting the floor ECT. The leader should change actions frequently to keep the game moving. The people in the middle guess until they know who is signaling the motion to everyone else. When they are successful, pick more people for the various roles and start again.

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