Green Ideas

1. Install rain barrels to catch rainwater and recycle it. Our camp uses the recycled water in the summer for weekly craft shop activities such as tie-dye and making digeridoos. The water is also put to good use to water the kitchen herb garden and sustain flowers during hot summer days.

2. Purchase vermicomposters or compost tumblers to decrease the volume of camp waste. At Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp, there are 3,000 red wriggler worms living in three worm factories. The worms turn food waste and shredded paper into beautiful compost (gardeners “black gold”) and provide worm castings as wonderful fertilizer. An added bonus—the camp did not need to purchase fishing bait for the summer!

3. Purchase recyclable napkins and compostable cups for use in composters/tumblers or simply to reduce the time the waste will require to decompose in a landfill.

4. Recycle used coffee grounds by adding them to composters or tumblers.

5. Need a planting mat to combat weeds? Use cardboard or newspaper rather than plastic! Also, “lake weed” raked from the lake makes a wonderful mulch and weed deterrent.

Lisa Riether

Deer Valley YMCA Camp

Fort Hill, Penn.

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