Going Green While Saving Green

7. Allow Your Office Work To Save Trees–At a camp, you most definitely have many mailings–registrations, itineraries, bills, etc. With each mailing, you have to print hundreds of pages, and use dozens of stamps. Guess what? There’s a way to go about this in a cheaper, faster, easier and greener way. Most people have e-mail, and they are just as happy to receive paperwork via e-mail instead of traditional mail. Of course, you probably have some paperwork that must be sent by snail mail. For these instances, you may want to consider purchasing and using recycled paper, and don’t forget to recycle ink cartridges when they’re empty.

8. Turn Kitchen Trash Into Kids’ Crafts–Have you ever thought those green baskets that strawberries come in could be rinsed off and transformed into decorated baskets at craft time using pipe cleaners, pompons and glitter? Did you ever think to tie-dye the fabric bags from potatoes and flour during the next craft project? Could those empty tin cans get some decoupage and pass as pencil containers? We all know that when it comes to food, there is a lot of packaging. Before you toss something out, take a moment to see if it can be used in an upcoming craft project. What about all those cardboard boxes from the fruit and frozen food? Those are perfect for filling with crafts to tote home!

9. Enjoy Many Green Benefits For $10–That’s how much it costs to become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation. With membership, you have the option to receive ten free trees. Planting trees near cabins eventually will provide shade, which will make them cooler without fans or air-conditioning. Trees clean the air, provide a home for wildlife, and also give shade to tired campers. To make a tree extra-special, plant one in honor of an exceptional staff member, or dedicate a tree to the winner of a camp game.

10. Get Free Publicity For Going Green–Once a few “greener” adjustments are made to the camp, contact the local media to tell them about the new eco-friendly improvements. (Remember to call or e-mail instead of sending a letter, as it saves paper and ink!) Be sure to mention that these adjustments will not raise camper registration prices. Since environmental awareness and economic sense are two of the hottest media topics these days, you’re bound to find a few reporters who would be honored to let others know about what your camp is doing. It is great publicity for your camp, and you won’t have to spend a cent on advertising!

Jessica Lippe is a freelance writer from Southern Oregon. She can be reached at JesFrogLlama@hotmail.com

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