Going Gaga Over Gaga Ball

Individuals can build their own gaga court, or choose to buy a portable unit. Individuals building one should follow these steps:

· To obtain a suitable playing surface, eight wood boards that are 6 feet in length should be purchased.

· The boards can be hinged to the next board like a door, making an octagon shape.

· The boards can be 18 to 23 inches in height.

· A border or cap should be placed on the top of the board to prevent injury.

· The game can be played on any surface.

Again, portable units are available for purchase, with a typical home unit running $300 to $500. More information on portable units can be received by contacting the author of this article. You can call me if you a referee–or an opponent–too.

Dr. Douglas Mann is an associate professor in health and exercise science at RowanUniversity. In addition, he is a camp counselor at Tall Pines Day Camp in Williamstown, N.J. Dr. Mann and his family love to play gaga, and he can be reached, if he is not in the gaga court, at mannd@rowan.edu

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4 comments on “Going Gaga Over Gaga Ball

  1. Camp Chai, Santa Rosa, Ca. had the most brutal Gaga ever. Our knuckles were always bloody from scraping the pavement in the pit…nose bleeds were common, and it was highly competitive. I tried playing it in other locations, but my competitors were quite a bit softer than what I was used to from Camp Chai.

    • Coach Cliff on said:

      Hi Adam,
      I just came across this posting while doing a Google Search. I just wanted to suggest to you, and to anyone, that’s ever had the Gaga Knuckle syndrome… Most of the time, that is avoidable. There’s a few things I suggest for it to become almost a non-issue.

      First: Use a lightweight bouncy ball (and not the heavier type of playground ball or volleyball). The lightweight balls, such as the ones you find at hardware stores, WalMarts, Target etc.. They’re always sold in those wire cages. These are the best for playing Gaga Ball.
      In comparison to a heavier ball, you don’t have to wind up to hit it so hard, resulting in a more accurate hit. Think of how you can easily over-compensate with a golf swing, and end up missing the ball entirely, or just slicing it to an ugly angle. Playing Gaga Ball can be the same way. If you try too hard to hit the ball, you end up missing the target, resulting in a knuckle scrape. A lighter weight ball will really help this problem, resulting in less injuries.

      Second: try to change habits from using a closed fist, to using an open palm. This is a more accurate way to aim and hit the ball every time! And, when using the lighter weight ball, it works better with an open palm anyway.

      Third: Jumping to get out of the way of the ball works, but blocking with your open hands will usually be the better option. Overall, this will keep you in better control to block the ball, and will put you in a better position to hit the ball since you are in the bending position more often.

      I hope this helps reduce some scraped knuckles. Mine have been unscathed for years! And I play a lot!

      Thanks for reading
      Coach Cliff
      Check out GAGABALLPITS.COM

  2. Sarah Langemann on said:

    I have heard more and more about GAGA ball over the last few months.
    I am wondering where I can purchase the game and balls for it.


    • rauth on said:

      Hi, Sarah!

      Please check out our wonderful advertiser, Coach Cliff’s Gagaball Pits. You can learn more by following this link on our Buyer’s Guide website, www.ParkBids.com.

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