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The popularity of the Internet as a viable, primary source for news, information and staying connected continues to grow each day.

Social media is a great way to promote your camp.

Establishing a social-media presence for a camp business is not only necessary but crucial in communicating with the public. Instead of spending time, energy and money on getting a message out through traditional print media, social media connects with an audience instantaneously.

The question is how to maximize a social-media presence. Familiar platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as lesser-known platforms like YouTube and Flickr, serve different audiences as well as provide different types of content.

Knowing which platform is most relevant for your message is a key component to success; keeping each audience updated regularly is a must.

Here are five simple ways to obtain the most from social media:

1.) Promote Your Programs

Promotion might be the easiest way to get started in social media, and done well, may be more efficient and cost-effective than using traditional methods.

Promotion encompasses everything from bringing in potential campers and involving parents to populating staff rosters and enlisting possible donors, partners and other supporters.

With social media, cross-promotional posts guarantee interested folks immediate access to the elusive “more information” they need. For instance, instead of sending a print newsletter with camp-registration forms, feature a link on your Facebook page to the online version.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your work is finished by promoting via Facebook and Twitter–readers want to connect with information, not just receive online junk mail. Focus on strategies that build around promotional efforts rather than just tossing out promotional materials and updates.

One of the best ways to build that audience is through conversation.

2.) Creating Conversation

There’s a reason for “social” in social media–people want to feel a connection, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They seek meaningful relationships with those who share the same interest or passion.

Using social media for promotion presupposes that the content/promotion is relevant to users’ lives, so the question is: what value do social-media posts offer our audience?

Creating conversation–like posing a question or posting links to content most relevant to an audience, or asking for feedback and maintaining some interaction–will build interest in your business at an integral, basic level.

Give people not only a reason to converse but a reason to return to the website. If possible, work in links to current news that has relevance to the business, lifestyle or social importance of camp.

Chances are that if the content is meaningful for one reader, it will be worth the time to share, increasing your social-media presence by simply meeting an audience on its terms.

3.) Customize Content

Parents looking for registration information are likely to have different questions than those of potential staff members. Likewise, camp-business colleagues and donors have a different perspective than do past campers.

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