Get A Move On

Before campers file in this summer, gather supplies for the following games, which are sure to be a hit. After all, what kids can resist setting off mouse traps and playing with slime?

Get everybody moving with these fun, active games! Photo Courtesy Of Jared Knight

Remote Control

In teams of two, one person is the robot and the other person stands behind him or her to direct the robot’s direction of travel.

The person controlling the robot gives a tap on the back for “go” and two taps for “stop.” The controller taps the right shoulder of the robot to travel right and taps the left shoulder to travel left.

If the robot ever feels that it is in danger of running into a wall, it puts up both hands and yells “Beep, beep, beep.”

Exercise Story

Eight or more participants face each other in a circle and tell a story one at a time that involves moving arms, legs, hands, backs, etc., while the rest of the participants remain stationary.

Each person then repeats the story as well as all of the body motions of the storyteller. When the storyteller wants to transfer the story to someone else in the circle, he or she states that person’s name and then that person takes over.

For example: “One morning I got out of bed and walked over to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and grabbed some milk. I then skipped to the cupboard to get a bowl, a spoon, and some Captain Crunch peanut-butter cereal. The cereal was really high on the shelf, so I had to reach as high as I could to get the box with my left hand. I then remembered that it was garbage day, so I picked up the kitchen trash can and opened the front door and ran as fast as I could to the curb to drop off the trash. I then jogged over to my apple tree and picked five apples and began juggling them. Then I saw my friend Mark in my driveway and walked over and gave him my five apples.”

Then Mark takes over the story from there.

Bobsled Challenge  

Four people make a single-file line to resemble a bobsled formation. One participant is the “caller” and chooses from six options to direct each bobsled team:

Move–Stand in a line and walk in place.

Switch–The first person goes to the back of the line, and the whole team moves up one space.

Change–The second person and the fourth person exchange places in line.

Rotate–Everyone does a 180-degree turn.

Freeze–Everyone stops in place.

Loose caboose–The team is dissolved, and everyone must find a new four-person team to join.

Big Bubba

Ten participants face each other in a circle. Each is assigned a number, but the number stays with the position and not with the person. As someone is “out” of the game, the circle rotates, and the person at the front is designated Big Bubba, but the number stays stationary.

Everyone in the circle starts clapping their hands and then clapping their hands on their legs in rhythm. The person who is Big Bubba starts by saying, for example, “Big Bubba to number two.”

The person standing in the number-two position replies, “Number two to number 10.”

This continues until someone makes a mistake, and then that person is out, and all of the players advance counter-clockwise towards the Big Bubba position.

Troll Burgers

The object of this game is for kids to attempt to pick a troll’s papier-mache nose, which is full of green slime, to retrieve small toys from a bucket that a leader is holding on the reverse side of a 4-foot by 3-foot piece of plywood.

To make the holes for the nose, cut two 6-inch circles in the center of the plywood about 2-1/2 feet from the bottom. After making the holes, cut a 10-inch traffic cone in half and attach both halves of the cone to the plywood with crabber screws. (Make sure to knock off the sharp end of the screws on the back of the plywood to prevent injuries.)

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