Geocaching Adventure

Other camps have used geocaching as part of their closing program. In this case, caches can be set up around camp, sending participants from place to place to record their answers to reflective questions in several camp journals. The final cache contains cabin pictures, t-shirts or other awards for that group.

At Camp Joy, we have been using geocaching and GPS programming for a number of years with all our audiences–corporate groups, teen campers and families. We typically receive great feedback to these programs. One camper commented that he enjoys hiking more now because he knows he is looking for something specific. He also enjoys being part of a group with a common goal.

Many of our teen campers have worked together to create a geocache. They fill it with items representing Camp Joy–things like our ladybug mascot, bumper stickers, etc. They place the cache on an island in the middle of a lake in a nearby park. Once the campers are back at home, they log onto the geocaching Web site to see how many people have found their cache. The game goes on and on and on.

With geocaching, the sky truly is the limit.

Amy Thompson is Camps and Retreats Director for Camp Joy (Joy Outdoor Education Center) in Clarksville, Ohio. She can be reached via e-mail at

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