Future Leaders

Ongoing educational opportunities–such as camp conferences–also are important to maintain a top-notch staff.

In this way, counselors are able to choose their own training–from building relationships to learning new songs. Conferences also allow networking opportunities where counselors are able to pull from their experiences and provide insight. It is also an opportunity for staff members to build relationships with one another before camp begins.

“Having such a well-seasoned staff lets others lean on their experience,” she says.

In the end, she says that having a great staff is finding the right people who have a passion for making a difference in a child’s life and being good leaders, who love being camp counselors.

“There’s a big difference between loving camp and being good alumni and making camp a part of your life for the rest of your life,” she says. “But if you want to be a camp counselor, you have to love the job.”

Heather Reichle is a freelance writer living in Columbus, Ohio. She can be reached via e-mail at HReichle28@yahoo.com.

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