Flashdance and Fun: 4 Games For An 80s-Themed Program

Following a 2-3 second pause after the final “Cats”, both teams yell and demonstrate the character their team chose.

The team that chooses the character that beats the other character (i.e., one team is Tunes, the other team is Cats—Tunes beats cats) chases the lower-level team to the specified boundary and attempts to tag as many members of that group as possible before they cross the boundary. Once a lower-level team member is tagged, they join the team that tagged them.

This game continues with all members of both teams choosing a new character, reassembling and repeating the sequence. There will be no “true” winner as team sizes fluctuate with each round of play.

4. Smurf Village

Smurf Village is based loosely on the game Ships and Sailors, a large-group running activity where campers must follow a series of commands designed to eliminate players until only two winners remain.


Large, open area for running

Bullhorn, if necessary

Pre-Game Preparation:

Give commands to entire group at once.

Commands for Smurf Village:

City–everyone runs to the right

Country–everyone runs to the left

  • Smurfs under a mushroom: the number of campers specified must assemble and raise hands overhead to mimic standing beneath a mushroom
  • Smurfs climbing trees: the number of campers specified must assemble and make movements to mimic climbing up a tree
  • Smurfs in a canoe: the number of campers specified must assemble, sit on the ground and imitate rowing in a canoe

Smurf stealth: individual campers drop to the ground and crawl on belly, military-style

Azrael: individual campers jog in place with a look of fear or surprise on their face.

Angry Papa Smurf: Two campers group together. One camper scolds the other with a pointed finger, the other camper appears apologetic.

Gargamel: individual camper bends and the waist and put index fingers on their lips (shhhh!)

All-Clear: releases campers from Gargamel pose. If a command is given after Gargamel but before an all-clear command, anyone who moves is out.


Start campers by having them run with either the country or city command. Call random commands to continue. If campers run in the wrong direction, make the wrong movement or fail to gather in the correct number of Smurfs, they are out. Have them gather in a separate space behind the person calling the commands.

Game continues until only two campers remain.

Beth Morrow is an educator and co-program director for Camp Hamwi, a residential camp for teens with diabetes. She is an avid lover of anything from the 80s and was thrilled with how much campers loved 80s Game Night this camp season. She would like to thank Joanna Hughes for her help in developing these games. Reach her at Beth@BethMorrow.com

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