Five Scavenger Hunt Games

Another scavenger hunt that uses a digital camera to capture images rather than bringing items back to camp is a Picture This scavenger hunt. Prior to the hunt, a staff member visits various landmarks or areas on camp property known to most campers (if images are too obscure, the game will be too difficult) and takes a photo of that area or item from a unique angle. These pictures are pre-printed so that all groups get a copy of each photo. Groups are then given either a riddle or clue to help them discover the approximate location of each photo. When the specific angle of the photo is discovered, group members stand holding the photo in the matching area while a counselor takes a photo of the group. For example, if the photo is of the leg of a particular picnic table, the group would need to collectively hold the photo against the leg of the table while the counselor takes a photo. When the group has found all of their images, the camera is returned for comparison to make sure they were taken at the correct locations.

With a little pre-planning, scavenger hunts are a fun, interactive, mobile way to get kids to not only connect with each other, but to get involved in nature for a reason. Combine two scavenger hunt ideas and come up with your own unique activity for an afternoon of fun.

Beth Morrow is an educator, author and co-program director for Camp Hamwi, a residential week-long camp for teens with diabetes. She can be reached at

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