Failure Is An Option

Though my life experiences vary greatly from those of my students, we share one common truth: The lives we lead are built on failure, not success.

Success is the simple part of the equation. But success cannot be experienced without the impetus of failure.

A taste of failure informs our need for success, makes us curious about the “what ifs” in life.

When we allow the fear of failure to reign, we reduce ourselves to the lowest possible form of our true selves and rob the world of our bright, shimmering authentic nature. Baptism by fire is far more exciting than baptism by immersion.

Of course, as a teacher, my job is to give students the steps they need to get where they want to be. Next week, we’ll journal about the idea of failure and discuss ways it can make us better.

Before Holly presents, I’ll suggest she pre-write her book commercial to lessen her worry, to bring her one step closer to bringing the creative student outside and sending the failure-fearing student inside.

I’m hoping that one step toward success will take her one step further from the fear of failure and bring out her beauty — and I hope she sees it that way, too.

Beth Morrow is a freelance author, educator and member of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association’s Youth Committee and Camp Leadership teams. She has served for 18 years as Senior Week program director for Camp Hamwi, a residential, age-based, week-long residential camp for diabetic youth. Reach her via e-mail at:

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