Facebook Made Me A Bad Friend

April 23, 2007–that is an important day in my life. That is the day that I joined Facebook (I know this because of Facebook timeline). Since that time, I have gone from a love to hate to tolerate relationship with the social media tool. When I first began my relationship, it was only because I was a camp director and all of my college staff were on there and they were not responding to email, but they would respond to …


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2 comments on “Facebook Made Me A Bad Friend

  1. Travis Allison on said:

    I think that’s a great exercise – very relevant to camp directors who have hundreds of former staff and campers on their “friends” list. That’s what the Subscribe button is for.

    The other thing I’m thinking is to dump all of the pages that I have “liked” along the way – that’s what I find clogs up my newsfeed.

    The flip side – having those camp alumni as friends and changing the settings so I don’t see their updates has meant that I have gotten 2 or 3 photo jobs a year. They see the photos I am posting and want me to be their wedding photographer.

  2. dave bell on said:

    Travis, thanks for the comment and I didn’t mind “defriending” some of the people on facebook because I was already connected with them through Twitter or Linkedin. Besides purging of friends I also “unliked” every page I ever liked. That was definitely overloading my news feed.

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