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These things are now just a standard part of modern life, and I have been one of the most ardent resistors of technology that there could be. The point is that despite my resistance, the ease of operation and time-saving advantages of some of these conveniences cannot be ignored. Earthling! Resistance is futile!

I can tell you that by putting my widowed mother online, I am so much more at ease with guaranteeing her security and safety than ever before. I can send her family updates, check on her health and well-being, review questions she may have or family issues we may all have to decide.

And her relationship with all of her grandchildren has increased tenfold. They send her photos from college, sports practice, sleepovers—Grandma is in on everything!

I’m sure there are many out there right now laughing at me because my technology acumen is probably a tenth of theirs. Heck, my own son makes me look like a hack on most of these topics, but I just felt compelled to sit back and take note that even though I will never endorse any technology that “replaces” man’s need to think, discern, evaluate, and decide, there are tools out there today that do more than calculate and multiply.

They’ve enriched our lives, saved us valuable time, and made the world a lot smaller. That will be confirmed later today when my old college roommate from Helsinki, Finland, reads this blog and sends me an email. A true friend I’d probably never have talked to again if all we could have done was exchange letters.

Take the time to review your capabilities with technology. Something as simple as putting an “emergency only” cell phone in your parent’s hands could make a monumental difference in your lives.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at rdc@clevelandmetroparks.com.

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