End of Innocence

Yeah – we were teenagers and most people that observed us do the crazy things we did always said that, “Well, they’re teenagers, what do you expect?” But it wasn’t until I was fathering teenagers that the “demarcation point” became so obvious. Where the day came that young adults were expected to do things a little better, a little more adult-themed, a little less oblivious; and it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of just how sad that moment …


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One comment on “End of Innocence

  1. Vern Fowler on said:

    Having raised (herded) 3 boys, my wife and I can relate to your article on “Innocence”. Perhaps that is why I get a knot in my stomach and want to cry or throw-up (or both) whenever I happen to see 5 and 6 year old girls in high heels, provacative (?) outfits, make-up and little tiaras prancing around the stage to the “delight” of their mothers! What next? Pole dancing classes at 8 yrs.?

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