Do Your Feedback Gathering Methods Measure Up?

Application (App)-based

Like their laptop and desktop counterparts, app-based feedback programs save money and time from the start. Campers on their way home from camp can log on and give feedback while parents drive, and parents and staff can give responses at their leisure. While there are apps designed for capturing feedback, they may not have an equivalent app on the other side of the smart phone divide (Apple and/or Android, for example). Smart phone access itself may be the issue, and in some instances, the app download, installation or client log-in processes may be too complex. Thinking time and distance from the camp experience can combine to form a more objective review, but being able to write lengthy, in-depth feedback can be difficult given the parameters of small feedback forms and typing limitations on cell phone keyboards.

In the same way feedback forms and questions are modified and updated, so too should the methods your camp business uses for gathering feedback be reconsidered. Whether you’re looking to streamline collection efforts, give respondents more time to evaluate and formulate responses, or get deeper, more meaningful comments, explore the options for gathering feedback and tailor your methods to meet your needs.

Beth Morrow is an author, educator and summer camp program director for senior week at Camp Hamwi, a residential camp for teens with diabetes. She can be reached at

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