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Is your camp prepared to offset rapidly rising food costs? Is there a strategic plan or a magic formula to enact in the dining hall? Food service at camp consumes a large portion of the annual budget, with some camps reporting this figure as high as 40 percent or even 50 percent of the total cost of operation, so controlling food inflation is critical. Let’s take a look at the significant ingredients that make up your foodservice operation–food, labor, supplies, …


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One comment on “Chew On This

  1. Kevin Sullivan on said:

    Are you kidding me – “Buyers should be aware that organic foods are no safer than nonorganic foods, according to government standards, and there is no scientific evidence…”
    When was this article written? In the 90′s? I have long ago decided that the government really does not have my best interests when it comes to grading or informing me about food.
    Can’t believe that this was written in a magazine that targets youth development workers such as myself. We advocate that since we are asking staff and campers to go120 hours a week in the heat and humidity of the outdoors in summer that we better supply them with the best fuel possible. Organic, fresh and made from raw materials food items are what we fuel with. We do have the evidence that it is better for you.

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