Catching Sunshine

•  Preventing 13.2 tons of coal from being burned.

These statistics caught the attention of local news stations, and in turn, ISTC shared its story and connected with a vast audience. ISTC was one of the first summer camps to power facilities using solar energy.

Apart from the financial and environmental benefits of installing solar panels, Major says it’s more about educating the next generation.

“Here at ISTC, we have always believed in being good stewards of the land,” Major says. “We strive to exist in harmony with our property. By installing solar, we tried to lead by example and show our campers that this is the new normal. Seeing solar power at work here at ISTC will stay with them when they go home.”

The installation of solar panels strikes a chord with both campers and parents—campers embrace the utilization of solar energy, and parents appreciate that their children are able to see green energy in action.

The panels help staff members continue their efforts to educate the next generation about respecting the planet and natural resources.

Mark Major is the director of ISTC, and has been involved in the camping industry for more than 20 years. He is a current board member of the Keystone Counsel of Leadership. His email address is

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