Camp Counseling: A “Real” Job

Camp directors know it, former counselors know it, but not all young people and their parents know it: Camp counseling is “real” job, with real benefits for someone preparing to enter the workforce.

Being a camp counselor is a great way to start a career.

Elizabeth Dawson Shreckhise, assistant director of Camp Alleghany in Lewisburg, W.Va., explains why in this great blog post:

In it, she notes that camp counseling is a top job, providing life experience, workplace skills and solid career tools.

She also mentions our article, “Writing Camp Jobs On A Resume” from the September issue of Camp Business magazine, which states: “The truth is leadership experiences at high-quality summer camps teach life skills, and hone a work ethic that pays dividends throughout an equally demanding non-camp career. Coach staff members to switch gears and embrace a professional presentation, not just a professional description, of their work at camp.”

So remember to remind your counselors that they are doing valuable work that will benefit not only their campers, but themselves, as well.

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