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Top Ten Rainy-Day Activities

Whether it’s a hurricane, rain, snow or even a pajama party night, a great way to while away the hours is to have a theme movie day. We use The Bear Factory for stuffed animal toys and keep them in a closet until we need them. We have done a Happy Feet day, where you stuff the animal, color the guardian angel insert, choose a star and adopt your new Penguin. Campers then stand in front of the crowd, and introduce his or her new stuffed friend.

Then settle in with popcorn and watch the movie with your new stuffed toy. It is an interactive event full of arts and crafts, public speaking, movie time and something to do during a long day of inclement weather.

Next up for us is 101 Dalmatians with stuffed Dalmatian dogs, the cartoon movie and Cruella De Vil, bursting into the room in the middle of the movie.

Another theme—Madagascar—gives different animals to choose from for a jungle theme! The possibilities are endless!

Cindy Wright

Director of Youth Services

Isleworth Golf & Country Club

Windermere, Fla.


2. Mousetrap

Story Scenario

A group of mice live in the country where they eat the grain of several farmers. The farmers band together to attempt to solve this problem–each night, they place mousetraps out to catch the mice. Every night a different mouse is trapped in a mousetrap. The mice are concerned about the traps and have enlisted the help of mice police and a mouse doctor. The mice police try to indentify which farmer is involved in the trapping of mice and the mouse doctor tries to help mice that have been harmed in the trap.

Game Setup

A group of 20 people sit in a circle and each are given a different colored playing card that only that person is able to look at. The color of card determines the type of role each person plays in the game. If the card is green, that player is a mouse; if the card is red, that player is a farmer; if the card is black, that player is a police-mouse; and if the card is yellow, that player is the doctor-mouse. There are 14 green cards, three red cards, two black cards, and one yellow card given out by a facilitator of the game.

The facilitator stands at the front of the circle and has everyone place their heads down with their eyes closed. Then the facilitator asks for those participants that are farmers (red cards) to raise their heads up and choose one person in the group who they determine is the mouse that they are going to remove from the game. (When a player is “removed” from the game he sits in the circle still, but cannot talk or participate for the rest of the activity.)

Then the farmers put their heads down and the facilitator asks the mice police (black cards) to lift their heads up and point to one person in the group who they suspect is a farmer; the facilitator responds by nodding his or her head either yes or no. The mice police are asked to put their heads down and the facilitator asks the one mouse doctor (yellow card) to put his head up and pick one person that he would rescue in the story who may have been removed by the farmers. This person randomly chooses someone in the group without knowing their identity.

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