Wait, There’s More! Infomercials for 2013

No more wasted minutes (or hours) clicking through stories that bemoan the heel height of the latest Kardashian shoe collection or reading advice on how to improve your diet (‘”Buy More Vegetables!”). Instead, the Real News Browser will save time, money, aggravation, and precious brain cells by focusing your attention and internet searches on stories and facts that add to your knowledge stores, not take away from them.

The Undo App

The Undo App can be the first promising experiment in merging infomercials with the power of technology.

Has the perfect, snarky comeback for an argument popped into your head…when you’re storming out the door? Has your mouth gotten you into trouble that makes you wish you could shrink to the size of a mouse and slink away in shame?

For smartphone users who find themselves in sticky situations without a way to save face, opening the Undo Application prior to the start of those interactions allows users to undo their mistakes all the way back to the app’s startup.

Did your boss peer over your shoulder as you browsed the Britney Spears discography section of Wikipedia while you claimed to be researching market trends? No worries! Keep the app open on your phone, and, with the touch of a button, erase any and all moments of awkwardness back to the point of occurrence.

Then, armed with the knowledge of what’s around the corner, touch the “Live” button to return to the world to make wiser choices the second time around. Reap the benefits of appearing far more knowledgeable, respectable, and prepared than you ever thought possible with the Undo App.

But the Undo App isn’t only for the business professional–give it to every terrible home cook, drama queen, know-it-all-who-knows-nothing, and man who’s ever had to call a repair person after a botched home improvement project on your list.

Beth Morrow is an author, teacher and pseudo-inventor who dreams of seeing her infomercial products appear under every holiday tree. Reach her at beth@bethmorrow.com.

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