Bullying Prevention This Summer

Maybe you were like me this week and watched in horror as several middle-school students harassed and bullied an adult bus monitor with taunts and hateful comments. You might have also been like me and started asking the question: How did these kids get to this point with no regard for others’ feelings or respect for other human beings? I could go on a long rant about the child-rearing skills of the students’ parents, but instead I will focus on …


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One comment on “Bullying Prevention This Summer

  1. michael cardus on said:

    What happened is a systems-problem. The boys were behaving in that manner because they knew there was little to no consequences and the this woman was powerless to handle them. The woman had no training or skills in working with this type of situation, and lacked the authority to escalate the infraction. Meaning, suspension, parent call etc… These are okay kids and there parents were surprised at their behavior. This stuff happens at camps (school) with staff like cafeteria workers, teacher aides, Counselors in Training etc… where the campers / children see through the actions of other staff that these people are on the bottom of the totem pole and are treated poorly by other staff, and have no ability to hold these kids accountable.
    If you want to change the behaviors change the system. Show respect to ALL staff, and as a director ENFORCE respect for all staff and language that reinforces this. Train staff how to speak and a progressive discipline action for these behaviors. If you hear any staff member talking down to any other staff member STOP IT and let everyone know this is not okay at camp (or anywhere else)…Boys and girls at that age have a poor understanding of long tern consequences, they are and will be fine. It is the adults job to handle this and show respect and let everyone know how the camp operates.

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