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The Web analysis software used by TechAngle calculates the number of visits, number of unique visitors, visitor duration, days of the week, rush hours, domains and countries, most viewed entry and exit pages to the Web site, search engines that come through the site, and which path people took through the Web site, among other statistics.

The reports should be readily available from any company you’re considering buying space or listings with and are typically provided as Web-based text and graphs.

If you’re unable to interpret the reports, of simply don’t have time, there are a lot of people who will charge a rolling consultant fee to help you.

“Anyone who’s thinking about advertising on a commercial Web site should be asking for that information with as much detail as you would like,” says Hahn. “And, any reputable provider should give you a list of references that you can call so that they can give you an idea of how effective it’s been for them.”

You can also craft a gateway or reference page to track the effectiveness of any type of media, including Internet sites you advertise or list with.

“If someone comes from Qwest Dex (an on-line Yellow Pages) it comes from a different portal page than someone who found me on Colorado Consultants,” says Hahn. “Or, for example, my gateway page for this magazine got 300 hits, while the gateway page for my newspaper ad got two.”

For more information…

Following is a sampling of companies that provide Web analysis software. These companies typically provide a sample report.

AW Stats at awstats.sourceforge.net

Webalizer at www.mrunix.net/webalizer

Livestats at www.deepmetrix.com

Sawmill at www.sawmill.net

David Hahn’s company can be found at www.techangle.com. His e-mail address is dhahn@techangle.com.

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