Brush Up On Paintball

Another way to safeguard players is to train personnel to supervise the activity and care for the equipment. It is not enough to have counselors oversee the activity when the campers play; there needs to be some type of formal training regarding safety standards and knowledge of the sport.

Why Bother?

If executed correctly, paintball can be an excellent source of additional income for camps and conference centers. Most camps can pay for all of their paintball equipment within the first month or two of rentals. Like many other add-on activities, such as ziplines and climbing towers, paintball is a great way to enhance program value for summer camp, group rentals, youth retreats, men’s retreats, etc. Revenues are generated through field fees, equipment rental, sales of paintballs, and concessions. Some camps even sell paintball equipment in camp stores and online.

The sport has changed dramatically since our first game in the rural countryside of southwestOhio, but the excitement and exhilaration remain. Adding paintball to the list of activities will create additional value for programs, add new revenue streams to the budget, and provide the opportunity to impact more visitors with a positive message.

Because there are no national safety standards for paintball fields, officials at PVM Camp have developed a set of safety standards that are now used at many venues. A 160-page paintball manual, as well as a four-day paintball symposium, is available. The manual covers all areas of starting a safe and effective paintball program:

  • Safety standards
  • Rules and regulations
  • Refereeing
  • Game scenarios
  • Game strategies and tactics
  • Devotionals and life lessons
  • Building a field
  • Paintball marker repair.

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