Breaking Through

Having the staff identify ways to improve day one can empower them to own the way they can affect camp spirit. Instilling a “can do” attitude and staff pride in the camp can truly transform a camp. When your staff buys into a mindset of “attitude is everything” you are on your way to cultivating great camp spirit.

Have they been told to dress to impress? Wearing a wrinkled staff shirt or looking like someone who has just rolled out of bed, can make a really negative first impression on everyone and it can create a drag on camp pride.

When I have encountered staff members who just don’t get it when it comes to appearance, I take them off the case and make it clear what they need to do to get back on it. It is just that important to establish a positive tone.

Are there enough staff members to do it right? The registration tables should be adequately staffed so the lines don’t grow too long and so that there is someone available to retrieve information at another location.

Also, breaks should be scheduled so that the last campers to register don’t see weary people limping into the next camp activity.

The Camp Administrators’ Perspective: Even though most of your “heavy-lifting” is done by the time opening day arrives, you are probably in a position to have the greatest impact on camp spirit. Your presence carries the weight of camp leadership.

You are the point person in problem solving, decision making, and evaluating. As you cruise the camp during its opening, take the time to acknowledge what is going well by complimenting your staff, patting yourself on the back for hiring them, and greeting parents and their children with the enthusiasm that they going being treated to a truly, outstanding camp.

Leaders who exude confidence, enthusiasm and pride in a job well done can be contagious!

Dr. Susan Langlois has more than 25 years of experience as a college professor, athletic administrator, camp director and sport facilities consultant. She is currently the Dean of Sports Science at Endicott College.

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