Book ‘Em, Danno

Scrap booking encourages creativity. There’s no pressure to create a “perfect” scrap booking page. A simple photograph bordered with a red, white and blue frame glued to a piece of paper surrounded by flags creates an instant Fourth of July page. Even non-crafty campers get a feeling of accomplishment from seeing their completed scrap book pages.

Scrap booking is big business for retailers. Cruises designed for scrap bookers sail the Seven Seas. Some stores offer “Crop Till You Drop” classes where people work on scrap books past midnight.

You can even attend Scrap Booking University if you become a die-hard scrap book fan! While most camps simply offer scrap booking as a craft option, many resources are available. Check out some possibilities to get ideas for how you can capitalize on this popular activity.

Silvana Clark has over 20 years experience helping thousands of children create arts and crafts projects and is a frequent speaker at camp and recreation conferences.

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