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Third-party compatibilities: Bunk1 works with all recent browser versions including Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, and Safari.

Upgrade policies: Bunk1′s features are Internet-based so all upgrades and improvements are instantly available.

Support policies: Bunk1 has a dedicated toll-free number for camps and a separate toll-free number for camp parents to call for support. Bunk1′s customer service agents are available almost around the clock and there is no charge for support.

Contact information: Bunk1, 211 West 61st Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10023, (888) 465-2267,,


Products and prices: CampBrain, camp and conference center management software, $1,900 and up.

Technical requirements: Operating System — Windows 95 or higher; Microsoft Access 97 or higher; 25 megabytes of hard disk space; Minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. CampBrain recommends computer workstations with at least 64 megabytes of RAM and a Pentium 266 MHz for efficiency purposes.

Connectivity: Software-based with Web-based online registration.

Management/operations/database functions: Complete camp and conference center management functions including camper, family and emergency contact information, camper registration, charges and payments, medical information, transportation, cabin and group assignment, camp store, online registration, inquiries, staff, group reservations, group accommodation, group calendar, group meal coordination and more.

Registration functions: Multi-camp registration system ideal for registering participants into resident camps, day camps, conference and outdoor centers, after and before school programs and day cares. Automatic charging and capacity monitoring are included.

On-line interactive services: Online registration.

Other services: Database customization.

Third-party compatibilities: Download online registrations directly from infosnap via an XML data transfer. Send camper information automatically for use in ecamp’s communication products. Process credit cards directly from CampBrain using the Skipjack payment network.

Upgrade policies: Upgrades are included in the first season and to members of the Annual Maintenance Plan free of charge. Otherwise, they may be purchased as needed.

Support policies: Year-round, dedicated, personal technical support is available to all users. Technical support provided with purchase and Annual Maintenance Plan free of charge. Otherwise, it may be purchased on a time-used basis.

Contact information: CampBrain, 5 Lower Sherbourne St. Suite 206, Toronto, ON M5A 2P3 Canada, (866) 485-8885, (416) 485-7262,,


Products and prices: Online Registration: $2.50 to $7 per registrant. Comprehensive Camp Management Software: Per registrant fee (no software purchase or maintenance fees). Credit Card & Debit Card Processing: Single percentage to cover costs (no setup, monthly, or other fees). Online Electronic Check Processing: 1.5% to 2.5% (no transaction or monthly fees). Online Staff Applications: $.15 to $.25 (if using other services). Online Request Information Forms: $.15 or less (if using other services). Online Donation Collection: 1% of donation amount. Online Product Sales (eCommerce): 2% of donation amount. Web Site Development: Pass along cost (development time + $30/month hosting) if using other services. Assistance with Publicity: Free recommendations if using other services

Technical requirements: Any computer with an Internet Connection and Internet Explorer. CampRegister provides the hardware that runs the software at its expense.

Connectivity: Web-based and browser-based.

Management/operations/database functions: Real-time connection with online registration providing real-time capacities integrating both online and paper registrations, real-time waitlists, accounts that your customers can log into in order to view their real-time account and payment information, automated confirmation emails, and the ability to instantly change your sessions, dates, prices, or questions through your management system. Data management functions include session management, transfers, refunds, recording of payments. Other functions include mailing list management, cabin assignments and group building, medical waivers and release tracking, donation processing and management, online inquiries and management and group registration and management. Communication tools include personalized emailing, contact tracking and management and letter generation. Reporting tools include the ability to design and generate any report you’d like, complete financial reporting and statistical reporting.

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