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Early this year we sent out surveys to companies who provide technology products and services specifically to children’s camps. These companies run the gamut from Web service and online interactive content providers to camp management software vendors, and everything in between that’s computer-based and makes the daily grind that much easier.

What you’ll find is a breakdown of each software company’s offerings into products and pricing, technical requirements, connectivity, management/operations/database functions, registration functions, on-line interactive services, search-engine services, other services, third-party compatibilities, upgrade and support policies and contact information.

We’ll publish an annual update each year to keep you informed of changes and upgrades. Your input is valuable and we invite you to let us know if there’s any other information we can help provide.

Amaranth Networks Inc.

Products and prices: Amaranth provides Web site design and hosting services, including database-backed Web sites, message boards, e-commerce, photo galleries and other custom programming. Other capabilities include Webcam systems, wired and wireless networking systems.

Technical requirements: Amaranth hosts Web sites on high-performance servers. For Webcam systems, a broadband connection is recommended.

On-line interactive services: The company provides broadcast email capabilities, message board systems, discussion mailing lists, photo album capabilities and any custom-programmed capabilities desired.

Search-engine services: Amaranth designs Web sites to ensure maximum searchability, incorporates other design elements to ensure search engine placement, and works with clients to develop strategies for online exposure.

Contact information: Amaranth Networks Inc., PO Box 550, Bolton, MA 01740, 978-779-5100,

Products and prices: Bunk1′s password-protected Community features (e.g., Photo Gallery, one-way camper e-mail, etc.) are available at no cost (the “Parent Pay” option). Traditional “Camp Pay” options are also available. Bunk1′s password-protected Community features include BUNK NOTES, PHOTO GALLERY, VIDEO GALLERY, NEWSLETTER and MESSAGE BOARDS. Bunk1 also offers a search engine service, staffing and surveying services, broadcast phone messaging, and other custom Web site services.

Technical requirements & connectivity: Bunk1′s features are Web-based so you can use any computer with Internet access from anywhere in the world. No special software required.

Management/operations/database functions: Bunk1′s Community features are password protected. All users must set up usernames and passwords and you have complete control over your user database. You can approve or reject parents, relatives, staff, and alumni for access to the Photo Gallery, Newsletter, Bunk Notes (one way camper email), and Message Boards, and use the user database to email your camp community.

Registration functions: Bunk1 also offers a number of online camp enrollment options.

On-line interactive services: Bunk1′s password-protected Community features include: BUNK NOTES — let parents send one-way email to campers; PHOTO GALLERY — parents view (and can buy) pictures from camp; VIDEO GALLERY –- see the campers in action; NEWSLETTER — post your camp newsletter online; MESSAGE BOARDS — help your camp community stay in touch in the off-season. To see Bunk Notes service from a parent perspective, go to and sign in by typing yourparent as the username and parent as the password in the space provided and click enter site.

Search-engine services: Bunk1′s camp search engine gets 22 million hits per month. Market your camp to thousands of prospective campers, parents, and potential staff who use Bunk1′s search services every day. Bunk1′s search engine is listed prominently on major search engines including Google and Yahoo

Other services: Bunk1 can design a Web site from scratch or you can use a Bunk1 “Informational website” and use simple tools to build a camp Web site for yourself. You can search the Bunk1 resume database and post camp jobs to Bunk1′s camp job database for free. Go to and sign in (upper left of the page). Under “Staffing Your Camp” (left side of the page), select either “Post a Job” or “Search For Staff”. Bunk1 can post an individualized survey, notify all parents, automatically tally responses, and provide instant results.

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