Be Careful With Heroes

PBS regularly airs a series called “American Masters.” It is a wonderful set of biographies of people who have made an indelible mark on this great country of ours. Over the years I have seen some real treasures. Last week, they ran a two-hour piece on the life of “The Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson. As any regular reader of my work knows, I have always held Mr. Carson in the highest esteem. His body of work, his humor, his …


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3 comments on “Be Careful With Heroes

  1. Barb Burkholder on said:

    I felt the same way after watching the show. My husband and I talked about his life. He may have had a fun life on camera and gone to some fabulous parties etc., but his personal life was sad. He didn’t spend time with his family and I think that was his big regret. In the end, a career or job can’t hug you and love you. He had America’s love, but not the kind we want – the personal kind of love from a spouse and children. It was apparent that he wasn’t involved in his kids lives. The ex wife(wives) raised those kids. I was in the audience for his show in 1981. What a fun guy. He had Ringo Star, Michael Landon and Lauren Tewes from the Love Boat as guests.

  2. Tim Brenner on said:

    I watched this documentary with great interest as well. I couldn’t help but think that he must have felt a deep sense of loss when the lights went out on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for the last time. His identity and purpose in life was bound up in things of this world entirely, with no real understanding or appreciation of the eternal, it would seem. When I saw that picture of him on his yacht, standing there so solemn and so alone, a tremendous desire arose in me to not miss what this life is about. God is working a story of redemption through the cross of Christ, and we must press on to know him and the power of his resurrection. Nothing in this life or the next matters compared to this. Every other experience and story of this life, no matter how glamorous it may be, will in the end leave us empty and alone. If only Johnny would’ve come to know the Lord. He would have lived out the rest of his days not in lonely regret and longing, but in joy-filled eager expectation for something so much bigger than the life he lived on the Tonight Show.

  3. Keisuke Hoashi on said:

    I don’t believe everything I read or everything I see on TV. I remain a Johnny Carson fan even after his passing. His private life is not my business and I do not allow a posthumous report to taint my respect and awe for his talent, his accomplishments, and any part of his public life as a professional entertainer. Mr Carson lived a life just as real as you or your dad’s friend at Ford. It was a very different life, but real and not deserving of your pity, any more than your life would be by Mr Carson.

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