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Brian is an energetic, intelligent, quick-witted seventh-grader who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in a few hours, but struggles in reading. So when he burst into my classroom last week demanding that I read “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief,” I could hardly say no. His excitement was based on the movie version, which he’d just seen with a cousin, but he was sure the book would be just as thrilling. Even though I was already reading three …


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2 comments on “Around The Campfire

  1. Jennifer Shepherd on said:

    Since Beth is described as a middle school reading teacher, I am particularly abhorred by her rampant misuse/misspelling of the word lightening instead of lightning. The correct spelling of the word is right there on the cover of the book! Percy Jackson is alleged to have stolen Zeus’ lightning bolt, not his supply of hair lightening Sun-in.

    Moving down from my grammatical soap box, I will say that the entire Percy Jackson series is fabulous, as are Riordan’s Kane Chronicles. I also really loved Holes. If you want to be a bit terrified as a camp director, I highly recommend “The Butterfly Revolution”, an older book that describes a Lord of the Flies like take-over of a summer camp.

    • Duly noted, Jennifer. I’m doubly ashamed as I was the spelling bee champion of my junior high in the 8th grade. I was evidently so thrilled by the combination of mythology and summer camp in a story that I overlooked the obvious. Just don’t tell my students I’m not perfect…:)

      Don’t let my misspellings take away from the fun of the book–it is a fabulous read no matter your age.

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