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“When they see something that’s just a phenomenal act of nature, that’s what makes them want to see more, and then they become better observers, wanting to spend more time outside.”

For more information on the educational opportunities in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, visit www.conservancyforcvnp.org/education/.

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The November Lodge was a gift from Mort November in memory of his wife and daughter, who shared a love of children. The building opened in 1999 to provide additional space for groups to gather and learn about the environment.

Its sustainably designed features enhance the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center’s curriculum, demonstrating ways to reduce our impacts on the earth.

Energy efficient light bulbs produce the same amount of light for much less energy

The wood timbers in the Legacy Room are from a barn that was torn down

Rain chains are attached to the gutters. As water drains out of the gutter and follows the chain to the ground, it slows down. This allows the water to soak into the ground rather than quickly running off, reducing the amount of water running into nearby streams. Too much water runoff can cause flooding.

The carpeting is made from recycled plastic bottles. To make the carpeting, plastic bottles were turned into fibers. Every square yard of recycled carpet uses the plastic from up to 40 two-liter bottles.

South-facing windows provide natural light all year round, reducing the need for artificial lights. The south side of a building receives the most constant amount of light.

The inside wooden doors are made from red oak trees that have been sustainably harvested. This means that new trees are planted regularly, so that there are more trees growing than being cut down.

Evergreen trees provide a natural barrier for wind that would otherwise blow directly on a building. In winter, this helps the building to keep the heat inside.

Source: Signage in the November Lodge



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