A Place To Touch Base

The base center was designed and built to comply with green-level LEED certification standards. Controlling light pollution and preserving the star-filled night sky was a goal, as the majority of Scouts live in urban areas where they seldom see total darkness.

In addition, a portion of the roof is covered with native plants, from which Scouts and visitors have an uninterrupted view of the lake and the great north woods. The selection of plants was limited to six species of grasses and shrubs that will tolerate the brutal Minnesota winters.

The facility opened on May 29, 2011. Scouts and volunteers are enjoying the facility and its presence, and services add value daily to the experience in the great north woods along the wilderness boundary waters.

Luther Tankersley, JD PMP, is the team leader for the Design & Development Team for the Boy Scouts of America. He can be reached via email at Luther.Tankersley@scouting.org.

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One comment on “A Place To Touch Base

  1. Steve Jung on said:

    My first trek was in 1970, followed by serving on staff in 1971. I returned as an adult leader in 2007. It was like a dream going back then. I now am returning one more time this year in 2012 and anxious to see the new facility. Since my first trek in 1970, my heart has always remained in the north woods. Congratulations on your new facility.

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