A Conversation For The Ages

RON:  Oh yes – I guess you could even say that the very debate they keep alive is a big part of what you intended. Let me turn on the computer here and show you some interesting items.  Remember all those newspapers your buddy Ben Franklin used to print up? Well today they all come over the air waves and onto this colorful screen. One of our more recent colonists named Al Gore claims to have invented this but later when he purported to invent weather we began to question his validity. Anyway – here are some recent headlines.

THEY:  Incredible! (peering into the screen).

RON:  Let me do a quick factual “catch up” for you first. Women now vote and most of them work jobs like men. Minorities of all kinds have the equal rights you had rallied for and today, your original intentions can be truly validated as there is a multi-cultural president in the White House. You see for years after you won our freedom, people around the world began to come to the United States to exercise the right to that freedom. They poured in from all corners of the globe. Our friends in France built us this beautiful Statue of Liberty to stand in the harbor and welcome them here. As our nationalities mixed and blended we came became known as the “Great Melting Pot.” Your original vision played out tenfold.

THEY:  (Looking at each other with tears in their eyes) Unbelievable; all of this harmony from such a mix of race, creed, color and religion.

RON:  Well I can’t say it is all harmonious gentlemen. There is conflict; conflict between the parties, conflict of ideas, assumptions of immorality, judgment, preference, fairness; an awful lot of constant debate. There are and have been wars; battles that raged on for years with leaders from other countries being captured by their own people and killed with the assistance of America’s military and moral might. We’ve had missiles pointed at us and we’ve had missiles pointed at others. Some of the details of the last 237 years are pretty grizzly. The freedom you won for us has not been easy to maintain. There are some days it appears to have almost eluded us entirely. But then another day comes and another sun rises and the basic element of human decency prevails and for awhile all is good again.

THEY:  So really … not much has changed.

RON:  (smiling) No sirs, I guess not.

THEY:  All we ever intended was the right to question why. We asked, “Why can’t man be free to live as he was born without obligation or predjudice?” and everywhere we went, the answer was the same. People believed that indeed, man should have that right.

RON: Well – if that was the foundation and the seed from which it all grew today, I guess you could look anywhere in this great country and find the trees of your labor bearing much healthy fruit.

THEY: We’re really glad we stopped by. We do have a few questions from that, what was it, Inter-net thing?

RON: Yes?

THEY:  Some of those pictures of your modern musicians and theater stars appear to confirm some of Franklin’s other theories that there is life on other planets. Did these aliens come all at once or do they keep coming one at a time?

RON:  (Chuckling) Oh – new ones seem to show up all the time and yes you are right most are definitely from another planet.

THEY:  We see. OK then just one last question. Why are these Kardashians famous?

RON:  Guys, I don’t know anyone who can answer that one. Just have a great holiday.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at rdc@clevelandmetroparks.com.

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