2005 Structure Report

Length of construction/build/installation time: Yurts: 1-2 days, once the deck/platform in built. Tipis: 1-4 hours depending on size. Platform Pitched Wall Tents: 1-4 hours depending on size

Mobility: Yurts: Semi-permanent/permanent. Can be moved from deck to deck. Easy to install and remove seasonally. Tipis: Temporary. Easily moved from location to location. Platform Pitched Wall Tent: Temporary. Simple to relocate

Ease of installation: All structures are easy to install and do not require professional installation. Each structure comes with detailed, easy-to-follow pitching instructions.

Amenities offered: Yurts: Over 30 different options are available with yurts, including French doors, awnings, insulation for year-round use, snow and wind reinforcing, stove pipe outlets and screen doors. Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms can be easily installed. Platform Pitched Wall Tents and Tipis: These structures can easily accommodate bunk beds, sleeping lofts, wood stoves bathrooms. Canvas room dividers are available

Most appropriate climates:

Yurts, tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents can be used in all climates. Yurts are especially well suited for winter use.

Site preparation required: Yurts and Platform Pitched Wall Tents require simple decks. Tipis require relatively level pitching sites

Lifespan of structure: Yurts: Lifetime structure. Fabric roofs and walls can be replaced as they wear out. Roof and wall life expectancy is 15-30 years. Tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents can last up to 15 years, depending on use

Support and warranty policies: Custom work and support is available. Yurts come with an eight-year factory warranty. Heavy-duty roof material available with a 15-year factory warranty. Tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents feature a full one-year warranty and a limited five-year warranty

Contact information: The Colorado Yurt Company, P.O. Box 1626, 28 W. South 4th St., Montrose, CO 81401, (800) 288-3190, info@advancecanvas.com, www.AdvanceCanvas.com

Conestoga Log Cabins Inc.

Products and prices: Conestoga offers log bunkhouses, bathhouses, housekeeping cabins, offices and concession buildings ranging from $12,500 to $62,000. Larger multi-purpose structures for lodges, stores, dining halls, among other uses, are also available starting at $55 per square foot. Cabin kits and multi-purpose structures ship complete with everything necessary to assemble the structure, including an electrical package.Pier foundation kits are offered as an option. All other foundations are provided by others.

Sizes/dimensions offered: Cabins range in size from 13′ x 9′ to 24′ x 42′. Bathhouses 14′-7″ x 27′ to 20′ x 36′. Bunkhouses14′ x 20′ to 20′x42′. Multi-purpose stuctures 40′ x 40′ to 44′ x 106′. All structures are tongue-and-groove logs with an interlocking corner system. Multi-purpose structures utilize Conestoga’s

Duo-Thermal Log Wall System technology. Custom plans are available for all products.

Typical Uses: No typical use; usage ranges from the normal rental units and bunkhouses to offices, concession buildings and bathhouses. The multi-purpose structure’s possibilities can include lodges, motels, dining halls, recreation centers, office space, stores, chapels and the other defined needs of an organization.

Length of construction: 2 days to 4 weeks depending on size of structure.

Mobility: The smallest units can be moved, but they’re true log cabins, not park models.

Ease of construction: The units are straightforward to assemble with pre-engineered tongue-and-groove logs and components. Each structure includes a detailed engineered drawing and phone technical support if the need arises. Crews are also available for a cost to assist with assembly if needed.

Amenities offered: Amenities vary depending on model. Amenities offered include lofts, baths, porches and kitchens.

Most appropriate climates: All.

Site preparation required: Smaller cabins are constructed on skid joists that are provided with the kit. The larger cabins should be put on a slab, pier or block foundation.

Lifespan of structure: Indefinite, dependent on maintenance.

Support & warranty policies: Most components come with a 10-year or lifetime warranty. Different grades and associated warranties are offered with the metal roofing.

Contact information: Conestoga Log Cabins Inc., 246 N. Lincoln Ave., Lebanon, PA 17046, (800) 914-4606, (717) 306-4495 (fax), info@conestogalogcabins.com, www.conestogalogcabins.com

Country Log Cabins

Products and prices: Log Cabin Kits prices from $7,600 to $100,000+. Price per square foot varies considerably depending on the size and design of the structure.

Sizes/dimensions offered: Standard cabins range from 142 square feet to 2,200 square feet. Custom designs are also welcome.

Typical uses: Camping cabins, bunkhouses, troop houses, bath houses, pavilions, vacation homes and residences.

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