2004 Skatepark Report

Materials used: Skate Concept is manufactured using high strength pre-cast concrete, minimum compressive strength, 6,000 psi (pounds per square inch). Coping, transition plates, edge protection, and all BMX protection pieces, grind rails and guard rails are created using high grade stainless steel. Components used in “plaza” configuration include high strength concrete and granite.

Price of most basic system: The company builds complete parks and plazas, working with communities to create custom parks based on their budgets and plans for the future. In some cases, a few temporary pieces are required until the entire park can be built. In these cases, the temporary parks can be less than $10,000. The most basic parks start around $14,000, an average park will cost $50,000-$100,000, and for the ultimate in world-class skateparks it can be up to a million-plus dollars.

Contact information: Skate Concept Skateparks, Barkman Concrete Ltd., 909 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2K 3L1, (800) 342-2879, www.skateconcept.com, skate@barkmanconcrete.com.

Skateparks International Inc.

Products and type of system: Skateparks International Inc. offers 683 different steel skating obstacles. Approximately 60 of these are “mini session” obstacles, which are portable and can be temporary. The larger structures are permanent, but can still be moved with proper equipment and manpower.

Materials used: Skateparks International Inc. uses 100-percent 3/16″ (6 gauge) structural plate steel on each obstacle’s skating surface. Under the structure is also 100-percent steel, 2″ x 2″ tubing.

Price of most basic system: Each park is different and custom, ranging from $10,000 up to $500,000. An example of an average park is on a tennis court size of 50′ x 120′. The existing pad will have room for approximately $40,000-$50,000 of skating equipment.

Contact information: Skateparks International Inc., 13080 Cavanaugh Mile Rd., Hudson, CO 80642-7625, (303) 655-9006, (303) 659-9326 (fax), www.sk8parks.com.


Products and type of system: Skatewave skatepark equipment is considered permanent. However, it can be moved/rearranged with pallet jacks or fork lifts.

Materials used: All steel. The skating surface is coated with TekTrak, a proprietary performance-riding surface the company says is preferred by pro riders. All remaining steel is PVC-coated for sound and heat absorption and corrosion resistance. Back frames and panels are designed to keep riders and spectators safe from the possibility of flying boards.

Price of most basic system: Pricing varies by obstacles chosen. Parks can be designed from about $10,000 to an unlimited amount. Price includes other value-added services beyond just the equipment.

Contact information: Skatewave Modular Skatepark System, 601 7th St. South, PO Box 198, Delano, MN 55328-0198, (866) SK8-WAVE (866-758-9283), (763) 972-3185 (fax), www.skatewave.com.

Solo Ramps

Products and type of system: Reconfigurable modular concrete skatepark ramps and elements.

Materials used: Ramps are made of high-tech Domflex concrete and hot dipped galvanized steel and tamper-proof stainless steel hardware. Street elements are hot dipped galvanized steel with certain elements having recycled plastic inserts.

Price of most basic system: Each park is different.

Contact information: Solo Ramps, 825 Theophile-Saint-Laurent

Nicolet, Quebec, Canada, J3T 1A1, (877) 293-4384, (888) 321-8947 (fax), www.soloramps.com, sales@soloramps.com.

Spohn Ranch Inc.

Products and type of system: Spohn Ranch provides skatepark equipment designed to be transportable. The equipment can be set up at temporary locations, then moved to a more permanent site.

Materials used: The company offers a wide variety of construction materials, ranging from wood, concrete, plastic, steel and composites.

Price of most basic system: Depending on which ramp series is chosen, Spohn Ranch offers cost-effective portable equipment for the budget-conscious to high-end hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Contact information: Spohn Ranch Inc., 15131 Clark Ave., Unit B, Industry, CA 91745, (626) 330-5803, (626) 330-5503 (fax), www.spohnranch.com, info@spohnranch.com.

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