2003 Structure Report

Camp Business sent out surveys to companies who provide camps with a variety of different structures for use as cabins, temporary shelter, recreation, arts and crafts, performing arts, outdoor adventure… the list goes on.

Companies were asked to provide products and prices, sizes, typical uses, length of construction time, mobility, ease of build, amenities offered, most appropriate climates, the lifespan of the structure and support and warranty information.

Here we’ve published some of the key information to get you started — products and prices, sizes/dimensions, typical uses and each company’s contact information. Here, we’ve published products and prices, dimensions, length of construction time and contact information.

Given the product scope of many of the builders, the options and pricing plans available and the diversity of camp needs, we hope to have provided a good snapshot of what’s being offered to camps. Specific information will come from the manufacturer, and each company’s complete contact information is provided.

We’ll publish an annual update each year to keep you informed of changes and upgrades. Your input is valuable and we invite you to let us know if there’s any other information we can help provide.

Anchor Industries Inc.

Products and prices: Permanent Camp Tents, Woodsman Supreme, Universal Wall Tents, International Pyramidal, Greywolf, Tee Pees, Hogan Tents. Price varies greatly by size

Sizes/dimensions offered: 8′ x 10 up to 16′ x 32′, custom sizes available

Length of construction/build/installation time: Varies

Contact information: Anchor Industries Inc., 1100 Burch Dr., Evansville, IN 47725, (800) 322-8368, (812) 867-2421, (812) 867-0547 (fax), camptents@anchorinc.com, www.anchorinc.com

Cedar Forest Products

Products and prices: Offers a wide variety of customizable products

Sizes/dimensions offered: Each shelter and building has a variety of sizes, which can be customized

Length of construction/build/installation time: The line comes in kit form with each piece labeled for easy construction by volunteers or contractors. Steel kits are bolt-together construction. Laminated bridges up to 60′ in length just need to be lifted into place

Contact information: Bruno Kapacinskas, Cedar Forest Products, PO Box 98, Polo, IL 61064, (800) 552-9495, (815) 946-2479 (fax), sales@cedarforestproducts.com, www.cedarforestproducts.com

The Colorado Yurt Company

Products and prices: Yurts: Modern interpretation of the Mongolian nomadic structure. Averages $17 per square foot without deck. Custom options available. Tipi: Classic and elegant Lakota style tipi. Averages $4 per square foot. Platform Pitched Wall Tent: A camp classic. Adirondack style affordable housing. Averages $4 per square foot

Sizes/dimensions offered: Yurts: 16′, 20′, 24′ and 30′ diameters. Tipis: From 12′-28′, diameters in 2′ increments. Platform Pitched Wall Tents: 10′ x 12′ to 16′ x 20′, 5′ sidewalls and 8′ peak height

Length of construction/build/installation time: Yurts: 1-2 days, once the deck/platform in built. Tipis: 1-4 hours depending on size. Platform Pitched Wall Tents: 1-4 hours depending on size

Contact information: The Colorado Yurt Company, P.O. Box 1626, 28 W. South 4th St., Montrose, CO 81401, (800) 288-3190, info@advancecanvas.com, www.AdvanceCanvas.com

Conestoga Log Cabins Inc.

Products and prices: Conestoga offers 27 standard models, with prices ranging from $5,195–$34,595. Cabin kits come complete with everything necessary to assemble the cabin, including an electrical package

Sizes/dimensions offered: Cabins range from 13′ x 9′ to 20′ x 42′. All cabins are tongue-and-groove logs with an interlocking corner construction

Length of construction: From 2–21 days, depending on size.

Contact information: Conestoga Log Cabins Inc., 246 N. Lincoln Ave., Lebanon, PA 17046, (800) 914-4606 (phone), (717) 306-4495 (fax), prhee@conestogalogcabins.com, www.conestogalogcabins.com

Country Log Cabins

Products and prices: CLASSIC Series –- Traditional designs for campgrounds. Standard log material is 4″ x 6″ Eastern Hemlock in D profile or flat-on-flat profile (kiln-dried 6″ x 8″ White Pine Cabin grade logs are available). Kits include floor system, walls, ceilings, roofing, electrical, windows and doors and covered porch. Basic price per square foot is $28 to $45.

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