Aug. 10 Is National S’mores Day!

One of the sweetest days of the year is coming up this week — National S’mores Day!

Are you prepared for National S’mores Day?

Make sure to celebrate Aug. 10 with one of the gooey campfire treats–and let us know if you eat yours like a girl … or like a boy!

According to Peggy Swycaffer, here is how girls make s’mores:

(1) Break graham cracker in half.

(2) Place 4 squares of Hershey bar on graham cracker half.

(3) Toast marshmallows golden brown.

(4) Place toasted marshmallows on Hershey bars to melt chocolate.

(5) Top with other half of graham cracker, and eat gingerly.

As American as … S’more Pie!

Now, here’s how boys do it:

(1) Eat Hershey bars.

(2) Burn marshmallows black.

(3) Eat marshmallows.

(4) Throw graham crackers and gooey marshmallow leftovers at girls.

(I observed this to be true this past weekend at my daughter’s high school graduation party!)

You can find more fun s’mores trivia from Peggy, and great recipes like Cookie S’mores and S’more Pie, at this web page:


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