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No HTML Experience? No Problem!

Camp owners wanting to launch or revamp their website may have a new friend in WebPlus X6 from software developer Serif. WebPlus X6 may be a good match for owners who don’t have time to learn to write code or have the budget to hire a specialist. It allows users to create and control their own attractive websites – including mobile versions too – that feature social media integration, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and more interactivity. Highlights include: ● design … Continue reading

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‘Step Into Swim’ Campaign

In an effort to improve public health and reduce drowning, the National Swimming Pool Foundation ( is launching the Step Into Swim 10-year campaign. The 10-year campaign will initially partner with nine organizations that teach children, adults, and minority populations to swim. Increasing the numbers of swimmers also builds demand for public and residential pools, spurring growth for the pool, spa and aquatic industry and those who work in the field. The campaign asks pool, spa, and aquatic businesses and … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget About The Fun Things In Life

It recently struck me that I am taking my job, this blog and, well, just life in general way too seriously lately. This epiphany came to me one day at about 6 a.m. while I was absently pouring my second cup of coffee at the office. I say absently because while the coffee was sending that fresh-brewed aroma into my nostrils, trying to stir up titillating emotions of the savory taste I was about to enjoy, I was a million … Continue reading

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The Proof Is In The Details

Quality–how do you define it? What is its true definition? If you look it up in the dictionary, several entries come up that include words like “excellence” or “superiority”; but the definition that I prefer is “essential character.” For some reason, those words have power and they speak to something at the root of what quality truly is. The word “essential” means “of utmost importance or indispensible” while “character” means “attributes that distinguish an individual.” If we put them together, … Continue reading

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A Disc Golf Course In The Woods

The city of Franklin, Tenn. found a unique way to blend a parks sports facility with urban forestry by incorporating a low-impact disc-golf course into an underutilized area within a park. Continue reading

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