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Spray-Equipment Filtration

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Greess

When it comes to parks and recreation spray equipment, the single most effective means of boosting productivity, improving service, and reducing repair expenses is proper filtration. While filtration is defined as the removal of suspended foreign material, such as dirt, sand, rocks, or trash, it can also include unusual debris, such as chemical bottle labels, soda cans, rubber gloves, men’s underwear, and fish.  Filters are measured by plumbing size and mesh. Plumbing size (either ¾ of an inch or 1 … Continue reading

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LBWA–Multi-Use Natural-Turf Fields

Photo Courtesy of Sports Turf Company

Whenever somebody starts to talk about natural turf, multi-use sports fields for parks and recreation use, I start to get a multi-level headache.  Why, you ask? Well, because the topic is layered with competing pros and cons that will make your head spin after a while. Before we embark on an exploratory discussion about the good, the bad, and the ugly of a multi-use field, let’s first define what all of this means for parks and recreation officials.  The term … Continue reading

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Detailed Planning And Public Participation

Photos Courtesy Of Brooke Peterson

Running a successful fitness center within a community recreation facility is no easy feat. It’s difficult to know which fitness craze is here to stay and which is on its way out. There are however, six tactics any recreation center can employ to ensure the facility endures the tests of time. 1. Solicit input from the public. 2. Research and create a business plan. 3. Maintain equipment; replace it when necessary and keep it clean. 4. Establish a fee structure. … Continue reading

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Leash-Free And Lovin’ It

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If local, state, or federal park managers were asked to identify a trend for users of park property, many of the managers would name the increase in dogs going off-leash. According to survey results released earlier this year by The American Pet Products Association, dog ownership has increased to an all-time high of 83.3-million dogs (  Further, anecdotal evidence suggests that requests from dog owners to park managers for designated locations for their pets to play have also increased. As … Continue reading

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For Safety’s Sake

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Ask any water-park operator about the park’s top priority, and hopefully he or she will say guest safety. Danger is inherent anytime millions of gallons of water are mixed with thousands of guests, a high percentage of which are children. To ensure guests are safe, operators spend countless hours each season on risk-management training. To help make parks even safer, operators should work diligently to better train staff members (supervisors, lifeguards, and guest services), continually educate guests, and frequently analyze … Continue reading

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