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Use Facebook To Give Your Camp A Marketing Boost  What’s your status? Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are wonderful marketing tools that, thanks to their popularity, reach just about everyone around the globe. In an article posted on, Travis Allison recommends the following tips for camp leaders looking to boost their marketing presence on Facebook: 1. Make sure that your landing page includes a Welcome video, preferably from the campers 2. Include a picture in every post. … Continue reading

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Username: Outdoors

With a little imagination, you can turn the mysterious outdoors into something magical. Photo courtesy of The Arc of Dauphin County

Having directed children’s camps all of my adult life, and now having hit my mid-50s, I have noticed a paradigm shift in the way campers and their families perceive the great outdoors. In my own days of childhood recreation and leisure time, nothing–I mean nothing–beat going outside to play. In fact, I was out there in all sorts of weather, year-round, until dark, every day. In my quest, I explored the local woods, fields, and waterways. My particular interest was … Continue reading

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Homesickness And Acculturation Stress

It isn't always easy for international campers and staff to adjust to life at camp. © Can Stock Photo Inc./igordutina

Research has shown that upwards of 95 percent of young people report at least some homesickness during a multi-week stay away from home. Even for persons with more experience in being away from home—typically those chronologically older, such as staff—the prevalence rate of homesickness is only somewhat lower. The point is that homesickness is normal. That’s a relief to any camper or counselor who feels uneasy with these feelings.   The linear distance from home has little to do with … Continue reading

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Good Horse Sense

Riders are all smiles when they take the necessary precautions. Photo courtesy of Certified Horsemanship Association

Campers’ experiences with horses run the gamut: There are those who are very comfortable and have been riding since they can remember, and then there are those who are experiencing riding for the first time. Whatever the case, it’s never a waste of time to remind campers how to stay safe around their equine friends. 1. Make sure campers wear ASTM/SEI-approved riding helmets–not bike or ski helmets–and that they are fitted correctly. 2. Require campers to wear boots when they groom, … Continue reading

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Menu Makeover

Snack time! Photo courtesy of Kanakuk Kamps

8:30 a.m. 1 p.m. 6:30 p.m. These times, give or take 30 minutes depending on your camp schedule, are some of the most important hours in a camper’s day. Apart from swimming, hiking, and sporting, eating (and snacking) reigns supreme at camp. And like guests attending a wedding, campers remember the food–whether they loved it or, well, pushed it around their plate with a fork and made faces. Together with Web Editor Ann Norman, I went on an electronic quest … Continue reading

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